The great resignation: what can we do now? Try this!

Re-reward & re-recognize

Share additional resources with these employees to encourage them to stay. For example, promote team building events where employees can get to know coworkers whom they have not met before. This can go a long way towards boosting spirits and developing bonds and creating a greater sense of community.

Modify compensation for […]

Is Retention Becoming More Difficult?

4 million employees left their organizations in April 2021 voluntarily

Only 74 percent of employees in 2021 agreed that it would take a lot for them to leave their current organization as compared to the 81 percent in 2020

Only 43 percent of exiting employees said that they were valued at their organization

Employee retention is one […]

Are Your Job Roles and Descriptions Still Relevant?

When technology arrived, a question popped up in everyone’s mind: will it have any impact on manual jobs? For instance, robots have replaced workers on construction sites. Similarly, with the pandemic creating a wave of changes, people have started wondering whether their current job roles are still relevant.

Let’s understand the same from the […]


Almost every presenter or facilitator will eventually have to deal with people who exhibit difficult behavior. In this blog, we will talk about behavior that disrupts the presentation or the work of a group. Disruptive behavior, some intentional and some not, can destroy the flow of even a well-organized presentation or meeting. However, you […]




Is distant and not easy to be around
May not be comfortable meeting new people
May be shy, cool, or a person of few words
Doesn’t reveal much; it can be hard to know what they are really like
Doesn’t build rapport, maybe a “let’s get on with it” type
May be a poor listener or appear uninterested
May […]

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How Our Coaching is Different

Coaching is one of the key strategies to help develop and improve an individual’s capabilities, performance and productivity. Our proven method of building a coaching environment ensures that those who are coached, their managers and their team benefit from the results.

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HR on Demand

Not all businesses have a full-time HR staff., but they all need the HR skills and knowledge.
We offer cost-effective expertise and technical consultation when it’s needed most. We Know People!

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Has Positional Power Gone the Way of the Two-Martini Lunch?

Positional power results from a manager’s title or role in the company hierarchy. In today’s workplace, power refers to the ability to influence other people and/or key business decisions.

Power relies on employee’s belief that the manager has the authority to tell them what to, and their willingness to comply. Many managers struggle to motivate […]

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Setting Sail to Success – Leading Millennial Employees

The millennial generation consists of more than 80 million young Americans between the ages of 18 and 35. Currently, this encompasses over 35% of the workforce, soon to be 50%!


Leading millennial employees often leaves managers perplexed as to how to motivate, engage, and optimize the performance of this well- educated, tech-savvy, and diverse generation.


In […]

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Generation Y Tops 20% of U.S. Labor Force reports that Gen Y, aka Millennials, make up 21% of the U.S. Labor Force. Job opportunities for younger workers are impacted by the slowed rate of generational turnover in the workforce. Recruitment and retention of high-potential middle management has been the key challenge for businesses.

With this said, the millennial generation faces significant roadblocks […]

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