4 Reasons Why Organizations Need Strong Leaders

Contrary to popular beliefs, leadership isn’t as much about holding authority over others, as it is about positively influencing people and directing their effort to achieve a common goal. In any industry, the influence of a strong leader is felt throughout an organization, and can be the factor between their success and failure. Their […]

Hire HR Experts on Demand to Strategically Drive the Workforce and Attain Goals Timely

Underrated for years, Human resources is covertly the most significant division of a firm. It drives the best talent into your organization. A company’s efficiency depends solely on the skills and aptitude that the HR segment provides.

Hence, it is imperative to approach an experienced HR with Insights in Consulting to

work with a team of professionals […]

Training and Management Development Post-Covid: Team Building Activities for Employees

Despite all the challenges brought on by the pandemic era, there have been encouraging advancements within businesses that are assisting in setting the stage for workplace transformation. One of the biggest concerns is how companies handle employee training and management development, but companies can upskill employees more quickly if they take advantage of the […]


In the past couple of years, people have left their jobs at record rates – almost 25% in 2021 and 2022. Many seek remote jobs and flexibility in work schedules. Even pay raises won’t offset these post-pandemic needs and expectations.

Some jobs are not suited to […]



As we are all aware, employees are jumping ship in record numbers, since there is a widening mismatch between the job environment individuals prefer and what currently exists. As a result, many organizations are having trouble filling the millions of current openings. Below are some suggestions to immediately, though partially, […]

Redesigning Work in the Post-Pandemic World: A 5-Step Power Coaching Model

Business leaders and managers have taken steps to redesign the workplace from pre-pandemic norms, discovering new ways to adopt technology and integrating employees working virtually on a permanent and flexible basis.

As people return to work in person or some hybrid way of working, they will be […]

The Great Resignation: What Can We Do Now? – Renew Opportunities For Growth

Renew opportunities for growth

Help employees identify areas for their professional growth such as learning new skills or being challenged with new projects. Upskilling is especially important today as technology continues to change how we work and business requirements continue to evolve.

Investing in employees’ professional development by giving them time to attend conferences, providing […]

The great resignation: what can we do now? Try this!

Re-reward & re-recognize

Share additional resources with these employees to encourage them to stay. For example, promote team building events where employees can get to know coworkers whom they have not met before. This can go a long way towards boosting spirits and developing bonds and creating a greater sense of community.

Modify compensation for […]

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Is Retention Becoming More Difficult?

4 million employees left their organizations in April 2021 voluntarily

Only 74 percent of employees in 2021 agreed that it would take a lot for them to leave their current organization as compared to the 81 percent in 2020

Only 43 percent of exiting employees said that they were valued at their organization

Employee retention is one […]

Are Your Job Roles and Descriptions Still Relevant?

When technology arrived, a question popped up in everyone’s mind: will it have any impact on manual jobs? For instance, robots have replaced workers on construction sites. Similarly, with the pandemic creating a wave of changes, people have started wondering whether their current job roles are still relevant.

Let’s understand the same from the […]