Performance Management

  • How do you align and motivate your team to consistently deliver the results you expect?
  • What or whom is standing in the way of achieving your goals?
  • Will the person you choose have what it takes to be successful?

Consistently driving results requires effective performance management which is not a one-time or annual event. Effective performance management is an ongoing cycle of planning, implementing, supporting, developing, and evaluating interactions between your employees and their managers. It requires the support of Human Resources and the leaders of the organization. When implemented properly, it benefits everyone at their own level. It can also reduce turnover and increase potential for promotion.

When we partner with clients on driving results through performance management, they engage with us in a process that provides them with a clearly defined roadmap for success that clarifies business and personal goals, recognizes positive performance, identifies sub-par performance, and leads the way to professional development. Within that process we utilize a variety of tools and techniques and provide mentoring and coaching to achieve their goals.

Driving results involves aligning all departments to focus on the same outcomes which includes each department’s role in driving sales. The actual sales function is where the challenge becomes how to increase commitment and enhance motivation. Clients receive accurate advice on the most effective ways to guide and motivate each salesperson, identify group strengths and weaknesses, and highlight areas where additional training is needed.

As experts in assessment, measurement, surveys, coaching, and leadership development, we can create or adapt a 360-degree process that reflects the unique needs of your company. Through our expert evaluation of those results, we provide organizations with valid, insightful, and reliable information on behavior that is critical to individual, team, and organizational performance.


“For performance management, Jon is the Go To guy.”
Pat Cline, General Manager – LSS US, GE Healthcare
“A manager was having difficulty with a competent employee. He assumed he knew what the problem was and wanted Jon to address it. Jon discovered it was something else entirely.”
Rick Solazzo, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Unimin Corporation
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