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  • Who is capable of stepping up into management and will they be ready?
  • How can you improve employees’ skills and capabilities to elevate their performance?

People recognize the need for change when they’re aware of the gap between what is expected of them and the level at which they’re currently performing. Through this awareness, they can gain insight on how to go about closing the gap. Often these gaps become noticeable when new or challenging assignments or promotions arise. Identifying an employee’s gaps in skills and capabilities is the first step in removing them.

By choosing from more than 30 online tests and questionnaires that we can customize to your needs, we can quickly evaluate and answer questions about the intellect, strengths, weaknesses, behavioral tendencies, and personalities of job applicants and internal candidates being considered for promotion. Our assessments are an effective first step in developing employees’ abilities. Knowing both the candidate’s abilities, the corporate culture, and the firm’s goals allows us to identify how well a candidate matches with a target population. When gaps are present, we provide a clearly defined path of development which combines training, coaching, mentoring, and work-related responsibilities to close the gap.

We also offer management and executive coaching for those who are valued and technically competent but need to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as those who have been identified as high performers and simply need further development in their interpersonal, managerial, or strategic thinking skills.


“For over ten years, Spacelabs has partnered with HR Insights on various projects including our Advanced Leadership Program and World Café Culture Development Program. In addition, HR Insights has been essential in screening potential sales candidates, managers and executives. Jon and his team have provided countless hours of listening, coaching and strong and actionable feedback that we use every day. I am an avid supporter of HR Insights and would recommend their services to any organization regardless of industry.”
David Allen Myers, Director Global Strategic Marketing, Spacelabs Healthcare
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