Produce Future Managers with Our Assessment and Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Identify and develop employees capable of stepping up into management positions by providing them with leadership resources created to improve their skills and capabilities. At HR Insights Consulting, we help your employees elevate their goal setting, motivation, sustainability, and performance management skills.

We accomplish this by providing coaching, training, and management development programs for organizations looking to produce new managers from their existing workforce. We help you develop high-performing employees with the essential skills and knowledge to perform managerial tasks efficiently. We also offer coaching and management development initiatives for existing managers to help them take their careers to new heights.

Why Assessment and LDP is Needed

Employees want to grow when they identify the gap between their current performance and what is expected of them. Often these gaps become noticeable when new or challenging assignments or promotions arise. Identifying gaps in an employee’s skills and capabilities is the first step in addressing those gaps and improving.

HR Insights Consulting’s Management Development Training programs help both employees and employers identify these gaps. Through this awareness, they gain insight into how to go about improving. With 30+ online tests and questionnaires customized to your employees’ situation, we can quickly evaluate and answer questions about the intellect, strengths, weaknesses, behavioral tendencies, derailers, and personalities when considering internal individuals for promotions and external candidates.

How Can We Help?

Our assessments are the practical first step in evaluating and developing employees’ abilities. Understanding an employee’s abilities and your corporate culture and goals allows us to identify how well they match your organization’s vision. When gaps are present, we provide a clearly defined path of development that combines training, coaching, mentoring, and work-related responsibilities to enhance performance.

With our Management Development Program, you can expect:

  1. Increased Competence: An organization thrives on highly competent managers who can manage their teams effectively, bring all the team members on the same page, and get the work done.

  2. Cross-functionality: Another significant benefit of LDP is that it exposes the participants to other company domains, such as finance, sales, marketing, operations, etc. Knowing how one domain affects the others helps leverage your employees’ teamwork and leadership skills.

  3. Sustainability and Retention: If employees see growth opportunities, they will feel more motivated, challenged and appreciated, which enhances sustainability and retention.

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We offer management and executive coaching for those who are valued and technically competent but need to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills. We also coach employees who have been identified as high performers and need further growth in their interpersonal, managerial, or strategic thinking skills. Reach out to us for management development coaching today.

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