When technology arrived, a question popped up in everyone’s mind: will it have any impact on manual jobs? For instance, robots have replaced workers on construction sites. Similarly, with the pandemic creating a wave of changes, people have started wondering whether their current job roles are still relevant.

Let’s understand the same from the HR perspective.

The current scenario has made employees the focal point of their organizations. Human resources are more mission-focused and real than ever, roles have become more dynamic, and upskilling is the only way to go in 2022. Considering these new priorities, the demand for team mentoring programs focused on identifying gaps and finding ways to bridge them will continue to rise.

The ‘new normal’ for employees and managers

The new normal demands impactful decisions and influential leadership. Businesses have started acknowledging high-performing employees and their efforts, and they are ready to support those with the potential to take up more significant roles. As digital technologies are in demand like never before, employees may need to upskill themselves to be comfortable with the virtual work setting and its requirements.

Regarding managers and their relevance in the new normal, it is important to note that they are no ‘watch dogs.’ Even in an office setting, they’re more focused on assisting employees rather than keeping an eye on what and how they are doing. They are more of a help rather than overlooking the operations.

In the current ‘work from home’ scenario, managers keep everyone on the same page despite working remotely. So, if you think about it deeply, businesses need managers more than ever. The reason? Employees judge their value at work based on how they connect with their managers. The pandemic may have tweaked their roles, but their relevance cannot be questioned.

Tips for success

The below tips will help you navigate the new normal with ease, regardless of what your roles and responsibilities are:

Subscribe to credible industry news sources: We live in a new world where everything is digital. It is time to use it as an opportunity to keep yourself in sync with the latest industry trends and upskill if needed without stepping out of your home. The internet is your way to go, bringing everything you need to know to your fingertips.

Polish your communication skills: You’re already in sync if you can communicate your ideas clearly and understand what they say. Communication is another way to stay relevant in the new normal.

Learn tools you need to use: Is the new OS version causing inefficiency at work? How about giving an hour to finding a tutorial on YouTube and eliminating the problem till the next version launches? As you know that pens, papers, and physical files won’t do, you need to prepare yourself to use the alternatives efficiently.

In a nutshell

For decades, organizations kept following the same standards and practices with no significant shifts. Now is the time to embrace change and focus more on people than revenue generation. Employees are the reason why their revenue streams keep flowing. The last few months have been an opportunity to observe and reflect. And it is crystal clear that the way HR functions has transformed.

Coming to the relevance of job roles and responsibilities, you’re relevant as long as you keep learning new skills in sync with the ongoing industry trends. Upskilling is the only thing that will keep you going. Today’s employees are demanding organizations to provide them with new learning opportunities such as a team mentoring program, and companies are more than willing to help.

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