Assessment / Selection

  • Who is the best person for the position and your organization?
  • Who can help you achieve your plans and goals?
  • Will the person you choose have what it takes to be successful?

Choosing the right person for the right role is paramount to success-theirs and yours. Whether you’re considering external talent or promoting from within, we can help you identify the right people and minimize the time it takes to make the choice by providing the proven tools, expertise, and perspective to excel in choosing the people best suited to your organization’s goals and needs.

Though you may be familiar with the practice of using assessments, we use only the assessment tools that we have both researched and verified. If we find your situation to be unique, we can also create custom assessment.

Interpreting assessments is much more than reviewing data. It takes insight and foresight. Our experience in this area has been proven to our clients in that they more clearly understand the candidate’s skills and abilities, especially when they would otherwise be difficult to assess. Combined with our knowledge of your organization’s plans, goals, strategy, culture, and environment, our process will net you the candidates best suited to help you achieve your organizations goals.


“Dr. Horwitz has been a valued partner to us in building our executive and management teams at LATICRETE INTERNATIONAL. For over 30 years I have depended on him to give valuable, accurate, and dependable evaluations and assessments for our selection of world class personnel.”
David A. Rothberg, Chairman/CEO, LATICRETE International, Inc.
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