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Clients who invite us into their organizations will enjoy a return several times greater than their investment including:

  • Identification of top caliber job candidates
  • Achievement of team goals
  • Highly motivated employees
  • Managing change effectively
  • Leaders who communicate and motivate effectively
  • A more effective organizational structure

Meet Jon Horwitz, HR Insights Consulting

HR Insights Consulting: Your Go-to Firm for On-demand HR Solutions

Is your organization lacking the needed work culture to reach a specific goal? Do you feel your workforce strategies are not as effective as they should be? HR Insights Consulting can be your helping hand in optimizing your organization’s performance. 

Who we are

HR Insights Consulting is a human resource management firm offering on-demand HR services to organizations and making their operations more productive and effective. Being among the trusted HR talent solutions providers, we help clients tackle their workforce complexities and develop strategies to improve communication and collaboration within the organization, introducing and developing a thriving work culture where all the team members work in sync to achieve a common goal. By doing so, we enable you to achieve the desired organizational goals more rapidly. 

What we do

We do everything your organization needs to thrive – from helping you find the right candidates to training, mentoring, and motivating them to drive results. Here’s how we change things for good through our services:

Assessment and selection: Finding the right candidates for your organization is your key to success. As talent providers and HR solutions consultants, we help you assess and select candidates who have the potential to grow and fit the specific open positions in your company, using proven tools, expertise, and perspective to create a workforce that meets your organizational needs and goals. 

Performance management: For optimal results, it is crucial to align and motivate your teams to work in the right direction towards a common goal. We help you create an effective ongoing performance cycle by planning, implementing, supporting, developing, and evaluating interactions between your employees and managers.

Training and coaching: Our training focuses on upskilling high-performing employees and finding talents with the potential to take up new leadership roles in your organization. We offer management and executive coaching for those valued and technically competent but need to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Team building and mentoring: In case your team is not acting and performing as expected, allow us to identify and clarify the problems impeding the cohesion and effectiveness of the team and engage and facilitate them in working together to address and solve the issues.

Why choose us?

  • Performance improvement
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Cost control
  • Claim management
  • Regulatory compliance

Connect with us to optimize your workforce

An organization thrives on teamwork and collaboration. While leadership plays a role, choosing the right candidate and creating effective workforce strategies are essential to ensure expedited growth. At HR Insights Consulting, we offer you all that. Reach out to our experts and optimize your workforce to inch closer to your organizational goals.