Business leaders and managers have taken steps to redesign the workplace from pre-pandemic norms, discovering new ways to adopt technology and integrating employees working virtually on a permanent and flexible basis.

As people return to work in person or some hybrid way of working, they will be challenged to utilize new skill sets and revisit how their strengths and weaknesses mesh with the new normal expectations for performance.

HR Insights Consulting has developed a powerful coaching model to support managers and their employees acclimate to new roles, technology, and procedures in the post-pandemic world using a 5-step process:

Step 1: Establish a Collaborative Coaching Relationship Between the Participant, the Coach, and the Participant’s Manager.

Step 2: Gather performance information directly from the Participant, their manager, and customized assessments.

Step 3: Clarify Agreed-Upon Coaching Objectives with the Participant and their Manager.

Step 4: Conduct Coaching Sessions with the Participant and Regular Check-ins with their Manager.

Step 5: Incorporate Feedback in Real-Time to Power up the Coaching Sessions.