Team Building / Mentoring / Facilitating

  • Is your team not acting like the dream team?
  • Do individuals or functions in your organization build inter-departmental walls instead of bridges?

Relationships are the heartbeat of any organization; when they are conflicted, progress of all kinds and at all levels suffers. It doesn’t matter if the relationships are between two people, two departments, or within a team or group that has one or more objectives to achieve. Strong, functional relationships are necessary for success.

Our team building programs focus initially on working to identify and clarify the problems impeding the cohesion and effectiveness of the team. We then engage team members and facilitate them in working together to address and solve the problem(s).

Facilitation includes activities designed to foster trust, openness, innovation, planning, and problem solving. The team learns to recognize and utilize each members strengths for more effective problem solving and increased productivity.

Relationships at the leadership level require that leaders have a clear understanding of the current state of their organization and expectations for the future. This requires leaders to continually take the pulse of employees’ perspectives, tracking changes in morale, commitment, retention, culture, and how the company and its products/services are perceived internally.

As an objective resource, we are able to engage employees in sharing their views so that leadership learns what is going well and what needs to change in order to make the organization more effective.


“The team building HR Insights conducted for two areas within our firm had an immediate, positive impact. The initiatives were well organized and Jon was professional, highly structured, and approachable. The work completed helped our teams work more collaboratively and efficiently with each other. I plan on hiring HR Insights to meet other teambuilding, leadership and training needs in the future.”
David Golub, President, Golub Capital
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