In the past couple of years, people have left their jobs at record rates – almost 25% in 2021 and 2022. Many seek remote jobs and flexibility in work schedules. Even pay raises won’t offset these post-pandemic needs and expectations.

Some jobs are not suited to virtual work, working remotely, or flexible scheduling. Initiatives to retain employees can be as varied as there are businesses. Creating the right retention program for your business will be unique but should follow a fairly simple process.

  1. Look at your entire business by segments – (i.e., departments, regions, front-facing vs. back-office roles, functionality, etc.) to find possible opportunities to address the needs and concerns of employees without major disruption.
  2. Work with senior managers, managers, and supervisors to identify creative retention solutions and ensure everyone’s buy-in.
  3. Develop ways to obtain feedback on a real-time basis and understand where adjustments or modifications should be made. Remember, things can change short-term or longer-term, which need an agile and timely response!
  4. Keep everyone apprised of how the plan is going. Be transparent with exit interviews, stay interviews, survey data, etc.
  5. Keep it real. The work world is complex and dynamic. No one has all the answers but we’re all part of the solution.