Successful Businesses Have The Right Stuff

Payroll and other human resource expenses make up nearly 40% of a company’s costs. The lack of proper workforce planning can be costly. Strategic workforce planning ensures that the proper amount of people with the necessary skills are in the right jobs, at the right level, and at the right cost.

The workforce needs to […]

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New Year…New Job?

Retaining key talent is always a challenge. The New Year is a time when people feel compelled to make changes in their life, including their employer. What efforts are you taking to retain high potential employees? 

Retaining key talent starts with a clear definition that includes:

Identifying employees, below the top level, who have high potential for […]

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Six A’s For Engaging Employees

Engaged employees and teams show ownership and enthusiasm about their work and have a positive influence on the success of any business. Leaders can significantly influence a work culture by enabling employees to optimize their individual and team potential. Using the six A’s as a guide, companies can create an environment in which employees are motivated […]

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4 Strategies Proven To Engage the Millennial Generation

Business leaders are realizing the “millennial” generation’s unique competencies and perspectives, while employers are looking for ways to harness their strengths.  Achieving greater understanding across generations will have a positive impact on relationship and organizational performance.  Below is a description of what millennials have come to expect from their jobs:

Coaching: Provide regular coaching to […]

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