Despite all the challenges brought on by the pandemic era, there have been encouraging advancements within businesses that are assisting in setting the stage for workplace transformation. One of the biggest concerns is how companies handle employee training and management development, but companies can upskill employees more quickly if they take advantage of the chance today.

The question they need to ask is: what type of shift could COVID-19 create in the employees’ training and management development space? Could we reach the precipice of another significant world-shaping event, introducing a new era in employee team-building activities?

But First, Let Go Of “Command and Control”

Although it can be tempting for managers to advise staff on the skills they should acquire, this top-down strategy is ineffective in their Training and Management Development. Businesses should offer advice regarding the competencies they think are essential for the success of both the company and the individual.

Today, some of the most crucial abilities are what we now refer to as “power skills,” formerly known as “soft skills,” and consist of abilities like empathy, problem-solving, and communication.

Then, workers should compare their skill sets to those deemed essential and decide which skill gaps they want to fill. By doing so, they contribute to the organization while also personalizing their development. After all, employees want to develop careers where their importance will be recognized.

Optimize Learning Conditions

It’s beneficial to use employees’ work time to engage them in collaborative projects where their new skills can be used, especially as more businesses turn to hybrid arrangements. Fully remote firms can arrange virtual collaborations.

Additionally, ensure employees have access to uninterrupted time for personal learning wherever they are since everyone needs it. Set aside some time for learning for them. Make sure that employees are not overworked by giving them too many tasks.

Embrace New Technologies in Your Employees’ Training and Management Development!

Any training specialists that you hire today to upskill your staff and lead team-building exercises for them are leading the way in embracing new technologies. The training and Management Development process is categorized into four functional groups by the HR Insight Consulting Training Process Framework: administration, content, delivery, and technology. Time to pay attention to technology

  • Does your company have collaboration tools to help you reach employees you can’t gather in a classroom anymore?

  • Are learning management systems (LMS) or learning content management systems (LCMS) something you can use?

  • Can trainees take tests and receive feedback using your technology?

Virtual training should always be concise and to the point to keep learners’ interest while also emphasizing the development of their “technical side.”

Check Out This “One of the Best” Team Building Activities for Employees!

Two Truths and a Lie

Time Required: 15-30 minutes

Every team member should begin by writing two truths and one lie about themselves on a small piece of paper. Do not divulge what you have written to anyone! Allow 10-15 minutes for open conversation after each person has finished this step, where everyone quizzes one another on their three questions, like at a cocktail party. In contrast, you try to infer other people’s truths or lies by probing them with questions to persuade them that your lie is actually “a truth.” Even if most of the office knows the answer, don’t tell anyone your truths or lie!

This team-building activity for employees promotes improved workplace communication and lets you get to know your coworkers better.