Business leaders are realizing the “millennial” generation’s unique competencies and perspectives, while employers are looking for ways to harness their strengths.  Achieving greater understanding across generations will have a positive impact on relationship and organizational performance.  Below is a description of what millennials have come to expect from their jobs:

  1. Coaching: Provide regular coaching to keep millennial workers engaged and focused. Millennials were raised with constant coaching and feedback and expect a similar environment in the workplace.
  2. Collaboration: Employers must be clear about deadlines and any business boundaries the group should be aware of. Millennials are natural collaborators and following these guidelines will optimize their performance.
  3. Measures: Clearly define job criteria and how successful performance will be determined. Most millennials were raised with a lot of structure and measuring systems. They are accustomed to understanding how they will be judged and addressed.
  4. Motivation: Provide a work environment that is comfortable and inspiring. This is something that millennials have come to expect from their employers.

Following these simple guidelines helps ensure a workplace environment that enables millennials to excel and flourish. Employers should review management practices and revise where necessary to be millennial friendly.

How has your company been successful applying these recommendations?