Engaged employees and teams show ownership and enthusiasm about their work and have a positive influence on the success of any business. Leaders can significantly influence a work culture by enabling employees to optimize their individual and team potential. Using the six A’s as a guide, companies can create an environment in which employees are motivated rather than required to simply accomplish business goals.

  1. Aspire – Set clear expectations for successful employee performance by articulating a compelling vision.
  2. Assure – Boost an employee’s confidence to obtain commitment.
  3. Activate – Mobilize employees with actionable activities that are challenging.
  4. Appreciate – Acknowledge employees and understand the significance of their contributions.
  5. Assess – Value an employee’s performance results based on mutually understood criteria.
  6. Appraise – Determine (measure) and communicate the extent to which the results serve the vision.

Individual and team training/coaching helps leaders develop the requisite skills to ensure an engaged workforce.