Jena Booher
Strategic Advisor and Entrepreneur

Jena Booher

Jena Booher is a strategic advisor and entrepreneur. With a near decade of experience on Wall Street combined with her Ph.D. in Psychology, Jena brings a unique combination of professional experience and academic background to her work.

Jena began her career at a major Wall Street bank, working as a sales trader across the firm’s Equities and FX divisions, where she was a top 5% performer amongst her peers globally. Her corporate experience gave her a firsthand look at how a company’s culture affects the well-being of its employees. Companies had a long way to go in building inclusive environments especially for people from underrepresented groups. She left finance on a mission to help leaders create great company cultures.

Today Jena works with high growth startups and company leaders to build trust and strengthen culture throughout their organizations. She has a proven track record in creating and driving strategies and programs to improve employee engagement, productivity, accountability, organizational effectiveness while aligning with an organization’s mission and values.  Through her partnerships with executive teams and HR leaders, Jena has been instrumental in reducing attrition and building high performing teams and strong employer brands.  Jena a sought-after speaker and author. She has been featured at TEDx, Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc., and many other popular forums.

Jena holds a Ph.D. (ABD) in Mental Health Counseling from Pace University.  Her academic research focuses on the intersection of employee innovation, accountability, and psychological safety of teams.  Jena earned a B.S./B.A. from Georgetown University in Finance and Italian.

Jena is a weightlifting and yoga enthusiast.  She is a strategic advisor to female-led startups and passionate advocate of gender equality in the workplace.  In her spare time, you can find her outdoors with her family or in a corner “nerding-out” reading research reports.